Son of Wallace Souza joins the Avante and says he intends to follow the same line of action of the father

Willace Souza said his father advised him to represent change and not to ally with caciques.
10/01/2018 17h20 - Updated 12/01/2018 16h05
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Seeking independence party, Willace Souza, He joined the party Avante. The announcement was made through a note published in their social networks on Monday (8).

Willace is the son of former deputy, Wallace Souza, impeached and arrested in October 2009 on suspicion of ordering killings to display on a television program that featured with the brothers, and on suspicion of running a criminal organization in the Amazon. He was also suspected of conspiracy, illegal possession of weapons and association for drug trafficking. Wallace died in 2010, victim of cardiac arrest. He suffered from ascites (water belly) a high degree.

The young politician stressed, in its publication, following the same line of work that his father, which according to him was very hard as politics and advised him to represent change and not to ally with caciques.

He stressed that his main goal is to fight corruption and impunity and enforce the policy in the state of Amazonas. "With hope for a change this corrupt system and flawed, I was victim of the same system years ago, Now I put myself available to combat it and help in some way to moralise it ", said.

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