'I would like Lula disputed elections and was defeated in the vote', says Temer

The president also said that Lula will be dead "electorally", if you can not compete for the Presidency of the Republic in October elections 2018.
29/01/2018 14h23 - Updated 30/01/2018 17h37
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President Michel Temer said on Monday, in an interview with Radio Bandeirantes, I would like the former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva disputed the October elections and was defeated in the vote, claiming that a defeat of the PT in the polls "pacify" the country.

"From the point of view of the policy framework I personally appreciate that he did not have all these accountabilities, could contest the election and was defeated in the vote. This would pacify the country. This formula will not participate, tensions the country ", he defended Temer.

"I personally think, the essentially politically, if he had to participate in the elections and eventually be defeated, It would be more quiet. "

Asked whether the former president, convicted last week on appeal by passive corruption and money laundering, would be "politically dead", Fear not evaluated. Could, said, dead "electorally", if you can not compete.

"Figure it is a lot of charisma, It is not without reason that it occupies the top positions in any analysis ", said. "To say that his image, his word, last his presence will not have any influence, then I think that shot, he is not. "

When dealing with their government, Fearing said he is satisfied with what it has done in his government and took advantage of his impolularidade –as he suggested advertising nizan guanaes– to do what he considered good for the country.

The president reiterated that will not be seeking re-election in May and just make clear who will support. "I want someone to defend my legacy", said.

Fear complained again of what it says was a personal campaign against him and said he will devote his last six months in office to recover your image

"I was demoralized by some clashes of morality. Nesses 6 months I will devote myself to the recovery of my moral aspects. I will not admit more than say President scammer, that made shenanigans ", complained.

Temer said she did not regret at any time to have pointed out to Congresswoman Cristiane Brazil (PTB-RJ) to the Ministry of Labor and criticized the interference of the judiciary in executive decisions.

"The Constitution provides not only independence of powers but its harmony. I value the separation of powers. The power to appoint ministers by the president ", he said. "I will be respectful of the independence and balance of powers. If at the end the judiciary can not say, okay. But I think it would be good form we had this victory, it is not the government, but the legal system. "

Cristiane Brazil was indicated on 3 from January, but it was prevented from taking office by an injunction of Judge Leonardo Couceiros, Federal Justice in Niterói. Since then, the government suffered a series of defeats and still could not swear Mrs.

No latest setback, after the injunction be overturned in the High Court of Justice, the President of the Supreme Court, Carmen Lucia, He overturned the decision stating that the prerogative of the case is the Supreme Court.

The government wants to Mrs, indicated by his father, the president of the PTB, Roberto Jefferson, to guarantee about 15 vote promised by Jefferson for Social Security reform.

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