Government of Amazonas starts multidisciplinary care to the families of ProsaiMaués

The ProsaiMaués will serve approximately 300 families living at risk and social vulnerability. Families being assisted are the Silver Pond
10/01/2018 15h47 - Updated 11/01/2018 16h05
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The Integrated Sanitation Program of Maués (ProsaiMaués) resumed, early on Tuesday (9), work presentation of the applicable resettlement alternatives for the families included in the program. The ProsaiMaués will serve approximately 300 families, They are living at risk and social vulnerability.

The beneficiaries are receiving care from the staff of the State Superintendent of Amazonas Housing (Suhab), which includes social workers, lawyer and engineer. Professionals remain in Maués (distant 268 kilometers straight from Manaus), until the day 19 from January. altogether, near 60 families must be met.

The aim is to clarify what are the possible resettlement solutions within the Prosai, program that belongs to the government of Amazonas and is run by the Ministry of Development of Greater Manaus (SRMM) and Management Unit for Special Projects (UGPE), Maués having prefecture as co-executor.

"Of the calls that were made in the morning, we had 100% harnessing. The beneficiaries are aware of the alternatives offered by the program and are willing to address the issues of expropriation, so that the areas of intervention are disused and Prosai can be continued, "said the lawyer Hugo Fabio Teles Sampaio de Souza, the Suhab.

Families being assisted are the Silver Pond. In December they have been met beneficiaries of Maresia and the month, They are scheduled attendances Lagoon Donga Ramalho.

"We realize that families are receptive, because they are finding that the program's actions are actually walking. The acceptance of the beneficiaries reinforces the credibility of the new management is rescuing, in ProsaiMaués "highlighted the social worker Celia Necklaces, the Management Unit of Special Projects (UGPE).

Hope for Maués
A resident of Silver Pond, housewife Lindinalva Nascimento Sousa, 36, talks about the social change that the program will.

"My house always floods, We suffered a lot every full period. Several times already lost mobile, not to mention that to charges already entered my house, brought by the water ", reminds the recipient.

Lindinalva and her husband, Hawker Idivan Marques Batista, 38, They are part of the Local Support Group (GAL), that make up the participative management and facilitate communication between the government and the population. The couple lives with her three children in the street Eduardo Ribeiro, on the shores of Silver Lake.

"Now we are very hopeful that the program materializes, why, indeed, we see that things are going. Even our children are eager, celebrating Prosai ", he told Idivan.

The program operates in accordance with the guidelines of the operational policies (ON 710), the Inter-American Development Bank (BID), financier of Prosai, which aims to guarantee rights and minimize the impacts caused by place of residence change.

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