Hiram Nicolau, Isaac Tayah and David Reis are the most absent councilors of CMM

Tayah lidera o ranking com 35 faults, em seguida vem David Reis com 22 e em terceiro lugar Hiram com 20 faults.
10/01/2018 15h35 - Updated 11/01/2018 16h05
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of 41 Aldermen of the City of Manaus (CMM), parliamentarians Isaac Tayah (PSDC), David Reis (PV) and Hiram Nicholas (PSD) They appear with the highest number of absences in the regular meetings in the legislative house during the past year. The data are available on the CMM website transparency area.

In 2017, CMM held 125 regular sessions. The meetings are always held from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursdays and Fridays, council members gather in the Technical Committees of the House, that are specific working groups focused on areas of interest to society. The month of May and August had more sessions, were 14 in each.

Councilman Isaac has Tayah 35 excused absences. Most of "force majeure" and seven of them with the medical certificate. Isaac attended 90 regular sessions. The report tried to contact the parliamentary, but got no return.

Second among the absentees is Councilman David Reis, with 22 faults. He claims that the absence did not affect its performance in the legislative house. "We were just in commitments that could not be postponed. […] Are justified absences, so I could not postpone and official commitments that we have. […]”.

He pointed out that among the faults are recorded in the period he was on leave due to a hernia surgery and attendance at official appointments. "I was sitting in the Regional Electoral Court (TRE-AM). There was one day that I was in Brasilia, in waters about event. The other day I was in the Municipality of Salvador ", said.

Councilman Hiram Nicholas had 20 faults within the legislative period. The faults of the day 7 e o 8 March and also the day 13 December were not justified. The other feature the justification of force majeure.

"My role in the CMM is very clear, the moments that justify absence is when I have a commitment outside the CMM at the plenary, on any day I was in the CMM, caught presence and left. When I have some commitment (some meeting or external service) rather lacking and justify than go there, giving presence and run the floor ", said Councilman.

On unexcused absences, Hiram says it is personal commitments. "Since my 1st year in office, whenever I'm in some personal activity and miss, send to craft presidency communicating and asking for the discount on my earnings ", highlighted.

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