Man says he beheaded young for 'revenge’ and asks for forgiveness;

André Martins told details of barbaric crime against Deborah Bessa, from 19 years. He says it has received no faction order to kill the victim: 'I was not a saint'.
31/01/2018 15h44 - Updated 31/01/2018 15h44
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So cold, the man accused of beheading young Deborah Bessa, from 19 years, He told details of the crime at the police station of Rio Branco Homicide on Tuesday (30) . He said he killed the girl for revenge and reached perdir forgiveness to society.

André de Souza Martins, from 28 years, He was arrested late Monday afternoon (29) the Port of Acre Road, upstate. He says the victim was killed because he was involved in the murder of his brother, in 2013, and not by faction order.

Deborah had been missing since the last day 9 January and was found by her family on Saturday (13) in a forest area in the district Caladinho, in White River. The victim's sister, secretary Sarah Freitas Bessa, from 21 years, and other relatives were searching on their own and eventually found the girl's body.

Police announced, on Friday (26), which used a video of the beheading to identify the perpetrators. in pictures, Deborah appears on his knees and says he did nothing wrong. But, one of the men, I was with a machete, sends her to look into the camera and says that she "was killing the brothers' his.

As the victim was lured
Martins explained that he knew that Deborah had disconnected from a rival faction and found in a group of WhatsApp.

To attract the young, the suspect called in a private conversation and asked if she needed something. Deborah said he wanted drugs and a gun, So, Martins asked her to get the drug at his home, in Caladinho neighborhood.

The version of the accused is contrary to the Deborah's sister, which ensured that the young woman would visit the child on the day of the crime.

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