Images show Melo's wife trying to disrupt investigations of Operation Maus Paths

The former first lady was the headquarters of Paraguardar company in order to take, hide suspicious objects and hinder investigations.
04/01/2018 12h56 - Updated 5/01/2018 17h04
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The former first lady of the Amazon, Fabiana Oliveira, wife of former Governor Jose Melo, hidden objects targets of the Federal Police during investigations of Operation Maus Paths, that clears one kickback scheme and millionaires deviations in the funds of the Amazon Health. The couple is handled by the judge Jaiza Fraxe, who decreed prison, as the main proponent of the scheme uncovered in Operation.

The two would warrant break boxes rented by them in Paraguardar headquarters, Torquato Tapajós avenue in, in the capital of Amazonas. According to PF, the former first lady was the company's headquarters on 23 from December, one day before the Federal Police, in order to take, hide suspicious objects and hinder investigations. The information is contained in a report signed by the delegate of the PF Caio Cesar Lamb and directed the federal delegate Alexandre Teixeira.

Second or document, the former first lady showed "quite shaken and tearful" at the headquarters of Paraguardar company requesting access to the pits her and the husband even without presenting the keys to open deposits. "The boxes had to be broken into by the employee's own company, because Mrs. Fabiana reported that the keys had been taken by the Federal Police on Operation State of Emergency ".

Also according to the Federal Police, Fabiana Oliveira pulled some similar boxes to wax boxes encountered by research teams in other boxing on site. To get to take the boxes, the former first lady had the help of a relative of her, a man who had not confirmed the identity and who carried a box on shoulder. All the action of them was recorded by security cameras company Paraguardar.

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