Registration for the County Attorney General contest begin next week

The monthly remuneration of new prosecutors is $ 19.343, 91, with journey 20 weekly working hours.
31/01/2018 14h14 - Updated 6/02/2018 15h16
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Twelve years ago without making competition for the Attorney General of the Municipality (PGM), the city launched edict to fill vacancies and booking registration training in the office of Attorney. Registration opens on 9 February and the written test application is scheduled for 20 of May. The notice is available on the issue 4295, Official Gazette of the Municipality (JUDGMENT), published on the evening of Tuesday, 30/1.

According to the Attorney General of the Municipality, Rafael Albuquerque, municipality's demands grew, making the entry of new members is essential for the best progress of judicial and extrajudicial work exercised at City Hall. Successful proxies enter the third job class, It is promoted within the function by uptime and / or worthiness.

"This contest is a source of joy, why, since 2006, we had no competition for attorney and we need to strengthen our institution with the entry of new members, so we can give flow and quicker responses to these demands that come to the city of Manaus ", said Albuquerque.

Exclusively on the internet, entries must be carried out from 9 February to 9 March 2018, with the rate of R $ 250, on the site of the Brazilian Center for Research on Evaluation and Selection and Event Promotion (Cebraspe). Payment of the registration fee should be done until the day 27 March 2018.

Also according to the Attorney General, the goal is that early next year the eight approved are already performing the function. "The idea is that by the end of 2018 we have finalized this contest, for what, the latest, in January 2019 we have the entry of these eight new colleagues ", Rafael finished.

The monthly remuneration of new prosecutors is $ 19.343, 91, with journey 20 weekly working hours. In addition to the completion of the written test, the candidate must submit diploma, duly registered, completion of upper-level undergraduate Law, provided by a higher education institution recognized by the Ministry of Education (GUY), in addition to enrollment in the Bar Association of Brazil (OAB).

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