Intransigence and authoritarianism Amazonino away supporters

The group came together to elect him in 2017 now, simply, It is scrapped.
30/01/2018 17h19 - Updated 31/01/2018 15h23
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Members of the base Amazonino Mendes (PDT) comment that for lack of love of the executive, the government is crumbling. The administration is discredited with the size, that former politicians support group, even for political survival, They are coming out firing torpedoes against the governor.

The scenario is uncertain on the basis of Amazonino. An example is the group that has come together to elect him in 2017 e, Now that, simply, It is scrapped. There is a flight orchestrated in government policy base.

Senator Omar Aziz (PSD) and Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB), who were the mentors of application Amazonino, Silas House (PRB), Pauderney Avelino (THE), who were in "Love" campaign, simply, everyone felt unrequited. A "broken heart" was such that they did abandon or break the bonds of passion that led to the government Amazonino.

According to the politicians themselves, the cause of early disruption would have been the intransigence Amazonino after being elected. Some came out shooting, pointing out the arrogance and authoritarianism of the chief executive, that is, "I do not accept anyone's opinion and take decisions alone, create closed groups and exclude others who supported him earlier ", commented.

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