Ipem-AM inspects school supplies and warns parents

institute's technicians are going through various establishments of the capital and the metropolitan area that sell school supplies checking whether they meet requirements.
16/01/2018 16h27 - Updated 17/01/2018 16h25
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With the end of the holiday period and the beginning of the school year, growing demand for school supplies. E, to ensure the weight, quantity and product safety, the Office of Weights and Measures Amazon (Ipem-AM) it started, last week, Operation "Back to School", in order to step up surveillance in the items that make up the list of school supplies.

institute's technicians are going through various establishments of the capital and the metropolitan area that sell school supplies checking whether they meet the requirements established by Ordinance No. 262, from 18 from May of 2012, the National Institute of Metrology, Quality and Technology (Inmetro). The action will continue until the day 31 January 2018.

According to the CEO of Ipem-AM, engineer Márcio André Brito, supervision on school supplies takes place throughout the year, but in this period before the return of the holidays is intensified, in order to ensure that consumers pay only for what is taking, with the amount and correct weight. "We have intensified this special operation in order to verify whether the amount declared on the packaging by the manufacturer corresponds to the actual amount", says the owner of the body.

Márcio Brito alert the consumer to be aware when making purchases. "We know that parents generally have only one focus, that is the price, and that the schools are not demanding unnecessary items. But, what we call attention is that in addition to price verification, look also check that you are getting the correct amount. This is very easy to be identified, for example, the glue or paint if you notice that you are very light, is an indication that the consumer is paying more for the packaging than the product itself. Report to Ipem!”, guides Brito.

The companies cited have a period of ten days to submit written defense by the Ipem-AM. Fines can reach $ 1,5 million.

rocking 2017 - In 2017 the Ipem-AM visited 216 shops. 3.950 school supplies were monitored. Of these, 293 They were outside the norms established by Inmetro and were seized.

The certification of school supplies is compulsory and aims to avoid accidents that may put at risk the safety of children using these products. That is why, the Ipem-AM alert parents and general consumers to purchase only certified products with Inmetro seal, according to the requirements in concierge.

From this year, 25 products were covered by the Regulation, due to the presence of toxic substances in items that may be placed in the mouth or at risk of being swallowed and / or inhaled; the existence of sharp edges or dangerous tips, among other requirements.

Check out which products are regulated by Inmetro:
• Sharpener;
• Rubber and rubber ferrule;
• Ballpoint Pen / roller / gel;
• Hydrographic pen (Hidrocor);
• Crayons;
• Pencil (black or graphite);
• Colored pencils;
• Automatic pencil;
• Text marker;
• Cola (liquid or solid);
• Broker Sticker;
• Broker Ink;
• Compass;
• French Curve;
• Bracket;
• lettering guide;
• Ruler;
• Transferidor;
• Case;
• Modeling clay;
• Plastic mass;
• Lunch Box / lunch box with or without accessories;
• paste with elastic tab;
• Round tip scissors;
• Ink (guache, China ink, Plastic paint finger, watercolor).

Consumers who suspect irregularities in the products, You can contact the Ombudsman Ipem-AM, by phone 0800 092 2020 or by e-mail: [email protected] and perform their complaint. The institute works from Monday to Friday, 8h to 14h.

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