Jose Melo and Fabiana Oliveira are taken to state prison

They were arrested in the Federal Police and underwent forensic examinations.
04/01/2018 15h03 - Updated 5/01/2018 17h03
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The former governor Jose Melo and former first lady Fabiana Gomes de Oliveira arrived handcuffed on the afternoon of Thursday (4) the headquarters of the Institute of Forensic Medicine (IML), in the north of Manaus. They were arrested in the Federal Police and underwent forensic examinations, standard procedure before entering the prison system of the State.

The couple was escorted by agents to the inner area of ​​the building through a side door and left the scene seven minutes later, already without handcuffs, and left in different vehicles.

They are transferred to the common jail. Melo will be forwarded to the Provisional Detention Center Male (CDPM 2) and Fabiana to the Provisional Detention Center Female (CDPF).

According to the MPF, the former governor and former first lady of the Amazon led the funds diversion scheme of the State, dismantled for the first time in September 2016, the first phase of operation bad roads, which had as main target the doctor and businessman Mouhamad Moustafa and his company, the Institute New Paths (INC).

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