Young is missing decapitated the machete blows by faction, criminals show it all on video

The motive of the crime was because the young man had paraded tram faction of 13 and even recorded video to record its output.
27/01/2018 14h27 - Updated 29/01/2018 17h17
Photo: reproduction

A video began to circulate on social networks early on Friday (26) and shows the young Deborah Bessa, from 19 years, It is murdered by machete blows Comando Vermelho members.

In the pictures you can see that at least three masked men took part in the grisly execution. Deborah was rendered filmed and getting machete blows in the neck, as well as stab wounds in the chest region. Before I die, it still begs for her life that was cut short without any mercy.

At the end of the video, men, in order to demonstrate power, up the decapitated head of young and mentioned the Red Command faction as responsible for implementing act.

The motivation was not determined, however, the young woman had paraded tram faction of 13 and even recorded video to record its output. According to the account of Sister, Sarah Oliveira, she wanted to change her life and get out of the crime to look over your child under five years.

The body was found buried in a forest area located at the end of Chapecoense Street, Caladinho the neighborhood region. She had disappeared in early January.

In respect to readers and contain very strong images the video will not be published.

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