Justice blocks Marilia Mendonça goods by cancellation of show

According to preliminary ruling the decision has aimed to guarantee funds for compensation of consumers who bought tickets.
10/01/2018 16h16 - Updated 10/01/2018 16h16
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The cancellation of shows of country Marília Mendonça in Araguari (MG) It resulted in part of the assets of blocked singer, after lawsuit requesting compensation to consumers allegedly harmed. The presentations take place in February and March 2017 in Araguari (MG) and they were canceled due to rain.

According to the preliminary ruling issued by the Court of Minas Gerais (TJMG) in this Monday (8), the decision has aimed to guarantee funds for compensation of consumers who bought tickets for canceled shows. both, were legally impounded R $ 100 thousand in the singer's assets, contractor, Juliana Lima Melo Alves, e da Workshow, producer of the event, that is, about R $ 33 thousand from each of the cases cited.

According G1, advisory Marília Mendonça said will report to appeal the sentence, because it believes that the collection is improper, due to non-fulfillment of the show have been motivated by climatic condition and that the responsibility for the return of values ​​is the contracting, no case, Juliana Lima Melo Alves. The advisory also noted that Mendonça never even receive cache.

Expected to occur in 3 February 2017, the show was canceled due to heavy rain and postponed to 9 March, in Araguari (MG). however, the second date, climatic conditions would also have prevented completion of the show.

Thereby, Consumers who bought the tickets in advance complained in Procon-MG that have not reimbursed the amount paid for the show. There was a TAC (Conduct adjustment Term) between event producers to effect the reimbursement of consumers 27 March 2017, but the agreement was not fulfilled.

Lastly, G1 seconds, prosecutors also have filed action for collective damages in July 2017. The blockade was determined in September last year, by TJMG. A conciliation hearing will be held in the coming weeks in an attempt to seek an agreement between the parties.

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