Justice condemns TV Record and Rodrigo Faro for torturing man program

The participant of a picture of an old Rodrigo program had to remove 12 teeth at once.
27/01/2018 14h42 - Updated 29/01/2018 16h57
Photo: AM POST

The judge of the Seventh Civil Court of Cuiabá, Yale Sabo Mendes, sentenced on Wednesday (24) TV Record and Rodrigo Faro to pay $ 275 thousand of compensation for moral damages, aesthetic and material to a man who participated in 2012 Hubby Arranges the table, the defunct program The best of Brazil.

In the process, contains the information that cuiabano underwent surgery removal 12 teeth that happened in two days to participate in the format.

The responsible for the action claimed that the pain was so great that there was no anesthetic able to placate her, and increased existing problems. "I am the greatest stopgap television", plays Rodrigo Faro

"All these facts lead to the conclusion that the author was subjected to physical torture and emotional, which it is not possible to admit and consider 'normal'. Like this, despite the author has to present a poor oral health before the program, It is sure to become much more committed after the extraction of teeth carried by the clinical team that works together with the Record ", said the judge.

the end, it was decided that those involved will have to pay $ 57,4 thousand to bear the costs of oral rehabilitation, R$ 50 thousand for moral damage, R$ 30 thousand for the aesthetic damage and R $ 470 for property damage. They will also have to pay the court costs, expenses and attorney's fees, equivalent to 20% the condemnation value. The decision can be appealed.

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