Bom conductor that ensures discount on property taxes arouses interest of Amazonas drivers law

Who has not had fine in 2017 You are entitled to 10% on the value of property taxes / 2018.
25/01/2018 17h29 - Updated 27/01/2018 15h12
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The Law No. 203, known as the Good Driver Law, They have aroused the interest of vehicle owners in Manaus. The Ministry of Finance of the Amazon (Sefaz) reported record, in the first half of January 2018, the number of processes requesting discounts on tax on motor vehicles Property (IPVA). Throughout the year 2017, were 700 processes. In early January, 350 drivers joined with action, or represents 50% of the past year.

Discounts are progressive, as the safe operation in traffic. Who has not had fine in 2017 You are entitled to 10% on the value of property taxes / 2018. Who did not commit offense the past two years wins 15% off and who was cautious in the last three years, 20%.

"Early in, people were unaware of the law or fines had launched in his name, It is unable to claim the benefits. Intensive disclosure by the Sefaz-AM of the existence of the law and campaigns promoted by the Amazonas State Traffic Department (DMV-AM) stimulating defensive driving led to natural growth in the number of processes. Total of entering with action, 98% They are authorized ", said the assistant manager of property taxes, Aluísio Person.

To be eligible, mandatorily, the driver must be released with the vehicle in its CPF and reach the Sefaz-AM Call center in ten organs of documents related to the control of traffic and personal, that are listed in the Sefaz-AM site, in the field of information on property taxes.

The granting of the benefit does not imply commitment of state investment by a decline in revenues from property taxes. "The reduction in the payment of property taxes in compliance with the Good Driver Law has no direct impact on the findings of the Amazon because it brings a great indirect return. Drivers who have not had violations in traffic headed safely. They not involved in accidents and did not resort to the health units of the state (emergency rooms and emergency care centers). This generated financial savings and invaluable social gains. Parents, mothers, children were not maimed or lost their lives because of carelessness at the wheel ", said Secretary of Finance, Alfredo Paes.

more discounts
Beyond Good Driver Law, the owners to liquidate the property taxes 2018 the view is entitled to 10% discount on the market value of the vehicle, according to the table of the Economic Research Institute Foundation (Fipe). The values ​​for the property taxes of the vehicles this year are now available on the site Sefaz-AM. To consult, you must enter the number of Renavam.

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