Cleaners windshields caught working will be arrested for vagrancy, says Bosco Saraiva

The activity is not regulated by law, and so it was banned in Manaus.
31/01/2018 16h02 - Updated 31/01/2018 16h02
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The Lieutenant Governor and Security State Secretary, Bosco Saraiva, He said the cleaners windshield caught from this week in Manaus traffic lights in operation 'will be arrested for vagrancy'. The Bosco's statement was made in an interview to a local portal.

Bosco explained that it is a little naughty group insists resume activity prohibited in Manaus. He explains that when they are caught the cleaners have the materials seized but return whenever there is a present police team, that is why, starting this week severe action will be taken.

The windshield wiper activity is not regulated by law, and so there was a ban on same. Beyond the end of the activity, Bosco Saraiva said a secretariat team has advised the cleaners to exercise another job. The measure was taken due to increasing violence and extortion by glass cleaners in the capital of Amazonas.

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