Marco Feliciano rebate anti-Christian text Gregory Duvivier and says he will seek 'appropriate police measures’

On the table, comedian ridiculed all Christians who criticize him for practice, insistently, the vilification of faith.
02/01/2018 17h46 - Updated 2/01/2018 17h48
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Mr Marco Feliciano recorded a short video in response to another offensive column humorist, Gregório Duvivier, making fun of Christianity. The response was hard, He pointed to the elite training "Esquerdinha caviar", and the lack of courage of the humorist not name names.

Duvivier is a militant atheist, connected to the PSOL and again and again has demonstrated his contempt for the Christian faith. In a column in Newspaper, called Jesus "communist" and "tearaway" tried to keep a common narrative of cultural Marxism in Brazil.

After Marco Feliciano have folded the column Duvivier, saying it will look for "the appropriate police measures", comedian returned to attack the pastor, his old foe. On the table, ridiculed all Christians who criticize him for practice, insistently, the vilification of faith. Not only evangelicals, should remember. Catholics are suing the Funds port considering the videos offensive to faith group.

In the text published on Monday (1) na Newspaper, Gregory Duvivier did not mention by name Marco Feliciano, but alluded to Video deputy. Already in the title an offense to Christians: "Dad, forgive them for they did not understand any P *** ". Parodying the Bible, comedian also wrote "it is easier for a camel through the eye of a needle than for a corrupt pastor enter the kingdom of heaven".

As an opinion leader, in a large range of newspaper, he shows (literally) if under. Also directly contradicts what your partner in the Port of Fabio Porchat Funds declared the state of São Paulo (in 2013) on this issue. Asked why the Funds Port spared Islamic, went straight: "I do not joke with Allah and Muhammad, because I do not want to die! I do not want to explode my house, just so ". Two years later, in the same newspaper, I spoke on the subject: "Christians can not defend themselves alone. The Muslim fanatics, sim, these know how to defend the honor of their religion. they kill!”.

see video:


I ask Christians and good people who watch this video and help me viraliza it. Just so people like this boy weeping (Duvivier) You know I'm not alone. That by attacking me attacking all of us. He has millions of followers in the Funds port channel, EN support, PSOL and SAO PAULO SHEET, I have God and you! short, Review and Share. Thank you.

Posted by Marco Feliciano on Tuesday, January 2, 2018

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