MEC releases more than R $ 9 million for construction and purchase of materials for schools Amazon

Of this total, R$ 5.558.690,94 million are for public schools and R $ 4.227.780,95 million for state
15/01/2018 18h21 - Updated 15/01/2018 18h21
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The Ministry of Education released last Friday (12), R$ 9.786.471,89 million for the payment of part of the education allowance for the month of December 2017 in Amazonas State. Of this total, R$ 5.558.690,94 million are for public schools and R $ 4.227.780,95 million for state.

Throughout the Country, the values ​​reached R $ 981,4 million and will be transferred to the National Fund for Education Development (fnd), agency of the MEC, that will make the transfer to states, municipalities and the Federal District until 20 Of this month. The funds will be used to finance programs, projects and actions aimed at basic education.

"The education allowance can be used to build schools, purchase of school supplies, maintenance of the activities of the general secretariat ", explains the Minister Mendonça Filho. "It will make education work effectively within the school, from the paper to the acquisition of support materials to school ", full.

The Basic Secretary of Education MEC, Rossieli Soares, He explained that this social contribution is collected from all companies and entities linked to Social Security, from an aliquot of 2,5% on the payroll. "This feature is retained for this great background, that redistributes the values ​​for the state and municipal networks, beyond the federal government itself, based on the number of registrations for use in basic education ".

currently, these institutions are defined as any individual firm or company that assumes the risk of economic activity, urban or rural, for profit or not, as well as companies and other public or private entities.

After the collection, made by the IRS, it is up to FNDE redistribute resources for education between the states and municipalities, until the day 20 of the month following the availability of values, among all federal agencies. It deducts 1% administration fee for the recipe and remaining background is given by, in quotas, seen in 90% of its value the collection held in each state and the Federal District.

A federal share, corresponding to a third of the amount, It is intended to FNDE and applied in the financing of programs and projects for the universalization of basic education, in order to provide the reduction of social and educational gaps between municipalities and states.

"The part of the federal government is directly applied in support of basic education to the states and municipalities, thus seeking to improve educational indicators, especially social "reinforces Rossieli Soares. "With this feature, the federal government invests in construction of new kindergartens, new schools and support for general network, in order to improve education in Brazil ".

The state and municipal quotas, corresponding to two thirds of the resources, They are credited monthly and automatically in the accounts from the state education departments, the Federal District and municipalities to finance programs, projects and actions aimed at basic education. It is fully redistributed, in proportion to the number of students enrolled in basic education of their school systems, calculated in the school census of the year before distribution.

The 10% remaining of the amount collected for education are applied by the ENDF own programs, projects and actions aimed for universal basic education.

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