Prosecutors must Sue to terminate enrollment Fucapi

The Foundation has debts that amount to R $ 100 millions.
12/01/2018 16h01 - Updated 13/01/2018 16h15
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Debts Analysis Center Foundation, Research and Technological Innovation (Fucapi) amount to approximately R $ 100 millions, according to the owner of the 47th Prosecutor's Office Specializing in Foundations and Pasta bankrupt, Kathy Araujo. The State Prosecutor's Office (MP-AM) will file an action to cease enrollment institution. Besides that, the agency expects a financial contribution of a foreign company and, If there is no, MP-AM will ask the bankruptcy or extinction of the foundation.

The prosecution has been following the case since November last year. according to Araújo, there are no conditions to continue operating, because of unpaid wages, suppliers payment, labor debts, action of the Federal Prosecutor (MPF) and collection of municipal tax authorities.

Katia Araujo explained that the debts accumulated from the time when the institution had to terminate the agreement he had with the Superintendency of the Manaus Free Zone (Suframa). "There was a determination of the Federal Prosecutor. Practically kept running Fucapi. The other contracts were not renewed. She stopped having flow. The university has students by IFES, sometimes delays. This is a snowball. What comes is less than out. An hour explodes, like any bankruptcy process ", said.

The request for bankruptcy or closure will be analyzed with caution, assured Katia. "Bankruptcy involves entity's closing, extinction not, as it directs the assets to another foundation with the same and similar purposes, who would play the course. I will not be hasty with the application, we will wait for the input ", he said, adding that there is a negotiation with a foreign entity, but the process is done in secrecy.

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