Mouhamad Moustafa reveals in conversation on Whatsapp he wanted death of Chico Black

In response the parliamentary revolt demonstrated: "I leave for beating. Give a beating in Mouhamad. Because what I read is strong ", said.
18/01/2018 15h26 - Updated 19/01/2018 15h46
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The Federal Police (PF) found in old conversation Whatsapp of Mouhamad Moustafa, appointed as leader of the criminal organization diverting health money on Amazon, he want the death of the councilman Chico Black (PMN), because the Congress have recorded video criticizing the company Salvare, that held contracts with the government and was led by the doctor. The conversation has been used in the document PF to talk about "violent profile" of Mouhamad Moustafa.

Another interlocutor of the episode was Priscila Marcolino, accused by federal prosecutors (MPF) to be the operator of financial corruption scheme. In the doctor says dialogue: "They killed security. They had to have killed him (Chico Black) the campaign ", the lawyer asks: "Why do these people only speak of us?”. And further on the political curses: "Pussy".

Mouhamad referred to the murder of a security Chico Black, in September 2014, outside the headquarters of the PMN, when he returned from a bank with the wife of parliamentary. That year, today councilman was state representative and gubernatorial candidate.

Councilor Response
Chico Black said upon learning of debauchery with respect to his name in the conversation Mouhamad, the first feeling I had was to beat up wherever he found the businessman.

I leave for beating. Give a beating in Mouhamad. Because what I read is strong for those who lived what I lived with my family. That took me debauchery, from a personal point of view, to nurture a strong sense of where to find him to beat him. It was my first relationship. This reaction subsided today”, said Councilman.

The politician says he believes in justice and exemplary punishment of Mouhamad.

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