MPF pede 386 years in prison for Eduardo Cunha and 78 to Henrique Eduardo Alves

Also of R $ fines were requested 13,7 million and R $ 3,2 million to the two former parliamentarians, respectively, for corruption, money laundering and malfeasance.
16/01/2018 18h35 - Updated 16/01/2018 18h35
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Felipe Pontes – Agency Brazil

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) He asked the Federal Court of the Federal District (JFDF) the deputy impeached Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ) be sentenced to 386 years in prison, plus a fine of R $ 13,7 million for corruption offenses, money laundering and malfeasance, during Operation Sepsis.

The request was made in closing arguments signed by prosecutors Anselmo Cordeiro Lopes and Sara Moreira Leite, that make up the task force Operation Greenfield. They also want the former Minister of State and former Deputy Henrique Eduardo Alves is sentenced to 78 years in prison, plus a fine of R $ 3,2 millions, the same crimes.

"It also is essential for the definition of feather Henrique Alves and Eduardo Cunha the finding is these serial offenders (criminal serial), doing politics and public life a path to criminal life. Indeed, left demonstrated in the course of criminal action Cunha Alves and have turned to crime figures, for corruption in its broadest sense ", wrote prosecutors.

In this process, the two former MPs were accused of accepting bribes of Carioca Engenharia in Porto Maravilha project contracts, in Rio de Janeiro, financed by the Guarantee Fund of Investment Fund for Employees (FI-FGTS). Both are already preventively arrested due to other cases.

The release of the financing operations would have been influenced by Fabio Cleto, former vice president of Government Funds and Lotteries Federal Savings Bank, which was nominated for the post by the PMDB and had interference on the FI-FGTS.

Among the evidence presented are spreadsheets maintained by Lucio Funaro, PMDB former financial trader who has signed award-winning tipoff agreement, as well as mobile messaging and financial transactions vouchers. The fees have been received in cash and through deposits in foreign accounts.

The scheme was also denounced by entrepreneurs Ricardo and Ricardo Pernambuco Pernambuco Junior, Carioca Engenharia owners. Even though also confessed to the scheme, Funaro and Cleto should be sentenced to 32 years in prison each, He asked the MPF. Alexandre Margotto, former employee of Funaro, It was the subject of a request for arrest 10 years and 8 months.

The presentation of closing arguments of the MPF is the last procedural stage of the criminal proceedings, after which the federal judge Vallisney de Souza Oliveira, the 10th Federal Court of Brasilia, shall render sentences in the case.

Through note, the defense Cunha said the closing arguments in the case of the MPF no more than "science fiction", there is no evidence against the former deputy, only testimonials winning denunciations. The Agency Brazil has yet to contact the defenses of other defendants.

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