MPF asks conviction of former superintendent of Suframa and five for misconduct

As part of the order in the final event before sentencing, MPF also requires the reimbursement of R $ 120 one thousand.
15/01/2018 14h45 - Updated 16/01/2018 16h35
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The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) the Amazon asked the condemnation of Skrobot Flavia Barbosa Grosso, former superintendent of the Manaus Free Zone (Suframa), and five other defendants for the commission of improper conduct, in closing arguments action brought by organ 2011.

As part of the order in the final event before sentencing, MPF also requires the reimbursement of R $ 120 thousand relating to irregular hiring of private legal services, paid with public money, and the nullity of the declaration signed by Suframa to Brasilia Consultores Associados S / S.

Among the other defendants are Pliny Ivan da Silva Person, former deputy superintendent of Suframa; Fernando Nunes da Frota, former chief prosecutor of the local authority; and Eduardo Lima Bonates, who exercised the legal coordinator role at the time of Suframa. The MPF also wants the condemnation of the managing partners of Brasilia Consultores Associados Jorge Jacoby Ulysses Fernandes and Margaret Mary Queiroz Melo Fernandes, Also the practice of misconduct that resulted in embezzlement, damage to the purse and shame principles of public administration.

Para o MPF, Flavia Grosso damage caused to the public treasury by authorizing unduly, by bidding waiver, No contract 49/2008 the company Brasilia Consultores Associados, since it could be used the advice provided by the Federal Attorney own by the local authority, and even hindered the investigation of irregularities against prosecutors, defending them indirectly by hiring the advocacy service. In the document presented to Justice, MPF points out that there was deviation in order to measure administrative, since the hiring of private consulting happened, actually, for the defense of personal interests.

The contract No. 49/2008 I aimed to assist the then superintendent and other leaders of Suframa, giving supposed legality to actions taken by the defendants, including the elaboration of legal opinion against public civil action filed by the MPF pointing several irregularities - from the preparation of the basic design, the choice of the tender type and execution of other contracts and additives - in the contract signed by Suframa with Analysis Center Foundation, Research and Technological Innovation (Fucapi).

The lawsuit is in the Federal Court under number 1682-42.2011.4.01.3200 and awaits sentence.

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