Woman sacrifices himself to save the son's friend and is tortured by ten men

The gang beat, He broke a victim's arm and cut her hair with knife.
11/01/2018 15h12 - Updated 12/01/2018 16h04
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A woman 28 years, in an attempt to save the son of a friend being assaulted, He was tortured for ten men and almost died. The gang beat, He broke a victim's arm and cut her hair with knife. A crime suspect man was caught red-handed.

According to the victim she was inside her apartment starting the celebrations of his birthday, when men called the boy who was afraid and asked her to go along.

The victim said that the ten men took the boy to a bush area behind the court 9 Best of Living. She said the gang tied up the boy and began to strike him, however, at one point scattered to see a police car passing on the spot and it was then that she took to untie the boy but could not get away with lele and was caught in its place.

The woman was rescued by police who went to the site after a complaint but to get there the suspects had already fled. En route to the Hospital Delphina Aziz, the victim recognized one of the authors of aggression, Caio César Pinto Necklaces, from 21 years, It was on public streets. He was arrested at the scene of attempted murder and taken to the 18th Police District Integrated (DIP), where the case is registered.

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