Carnival begins operation today with inspection carnival blocks

A Central Authority's Integrated Public Safety System will be implemented to optimize inspection.
06/01/2018 13h45 - Updated 8/01/2018 17h01
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From this Saturday (6), the Secretariat of Public Security Amazon (SSP-AM) starts monitoring blocks, carnival bands and events in Manaus.

Operation Carnival is an integrated approach that brings together military police, Civil police, Fire Department and Municipal Institute of Engineering and Traffic Surveillance (Manaustrans). The action will take place on Saturday (6) and not Sunday (7) in all areas of the capital.

Determined by the deputy governor and secretary of Public Security Amazon, Bosco Saraiva, the strengthening of security actions in Carnival also occur with Operation Forbidden Allegory, aimed at curbing drug trafficking.

"Since October last year, we conducted operations during the weekends. These actions have become routine in the government and Amazonino Mendes, from now on, we will also return to the carnival events ", said.

A Central Authority's Integrated Public Safety System will be implemented to optimize inspection. During the operation on Saturday, the Center for Integrated Command and Control (CICC) It will be used for real-time monitoring of all the action.

The intelligence sectors conducted an inspection planning several events during this weekend. Responsible for the Department of Integrated Planning Executive Assistant Secretary for Planning and Management Integrated Security (Seai), major Fabio Honda, It points out that the idea is also to verify the regularity of events to be held in Manaus streets.

"We will assess whether they are fulfilling the legal requirements to run for the population to have fun safely", He highlighted the major.

In addition to the overt action of Operation Carnival, the public can also help denouncing irregularities in conducting carnival events through the hotline 181 or by 190. The regularization of the bands is done through various bodies, as Fire Department, Manaustrans and Military Police.

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