Cleaning operation withdraws 106 tons of garbage New Year's Eve party spots in Manaus

The garbage was collected by recyclable waste pickers in the three New Year's Eve party spots of Manaus and transported to the Municipal Landfill.
03/01/2018 16h31 - Updated 3/01/2018 16h31
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A total of 106 tons of waste was collected by the Manaus City Hall and transported to the municipal landfill and more 1 ton was collected by recyclable waste pickers in the three New Year's Eve party spots in Manaus.

The cleaning took yellowing (Educandos neighborhood, Sul) 14 tons of garbage, same volume collected in Better Living 4 (North Zone). Already in the Tourist Complex of Ponta Negra, place of most popular concentration at the turn of the year, They were collected 54 tons of waste. The party at the mall Phelippe Daou, Jorge Teixeira in the neighborhood, in the east, generated other 24 tons of garbage.

For this activity, approximately 200 workers were divided on the first of the year clean-up, which had the support boats, Ferry collection, Mechanical and hydraulic backhoe waste removal.

Ponta Negra, beyond the stage, and pedestrian pathways, cleaning teams still passed the beach, taking care to monitor and remove any residue that was near or in the river.

Selective collect
During the holidays, twenty-five collectors provided the selective collection service in the three official places of municipal party, with 15 pickers in Ponta Negra and other 10 divided between the Amarelinho Educandos and Shopping Phelippe Daou.

The collected waste was recycled directly to the groups represented at parties. The main materials were collected aluminum cans, paper, cardboard and plastic.

During the party in Ponta Negra, They were collected 521 kg of material. In Amarelinho the Educandos, 45 kilos were generated. I no Shopping Phelippe Daou, scavengers collected 127 kg.

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