police operation dismantles power theft gang

They were arrested 21 suspects accused of operational fraud scheme and energy theft, as well as perform services illicitly.
11/01/2018 14h34 - Updated 11/01/2018 16h05
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Eletrobras Amazonas Distribution informs that on the morning of Thursday (11) it was triggered, in Manaus and Iranduba, Operation Light Few, coordinated by the Specialized Police in Combat Thefts of Energy, Water, Gas and Telecommunications Services – DECFS and Department to Combat Organized Crime – DRCO, compliance with arrest warrants, and coercive conduct search and seizure.

They were arrested 21 suspects accused of operational fraud scheme and energy theft, as well as perform services illicitly. The suspects, mostly, were outsourced employees of the power distributor, they acted alone or in gang and, accounting for losses to the company and the company estimated in R $ 30 millions.

During operation, It was dismantled a clandestine laboratory used to defraud electricity meters, and equipment seized in a clandestine warehouse.

The CEO of the Distributor, Tarcisio Rosa, He reiterated the support of Eletrobras to the action of Police. "We receive daily dozens of customer complaints, and investigation of these complaints led to realization of this important action to combat corruption within and outside the Company. Importantly, the vast majority of employees in a lawful acts and committed to results, It is even more important to identify and punish those who act criminally ".

For years, the Distributor has acted to reduce energy losses and fraud, intensifying field inspections and the use of technology, However, there was evidence that crimes were committed in a coordinated manner and only with diligent research DEFCS and civil police DRCO was possible to identify the suspects who worked inside and outside the Company.

Police investigations are continuing and has reiterated the support of the Distributor to combat energy theft, which is a crime, harm to the network, equipment and leaves everyone more expensive bill. The shares may be accompanied in the hot site www.pegamal.com.br and complaints can be made without the need for identification via email or toll free at [email protected] 0800 701 3001.

Eletrobras points out that the fight against energy loss is only possible with the involvement of the whole society. The theft of power and fraud meters are typified as a crime as the Brazilian Penal Code, articles 155 e 171.

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