Payment of PIS / PASEP for workers over 60 year starts on 24

The credit auto account for beneficiaries with individual savings or checking account at the Federal Savings Bank and the Bank of Brazil will be on the evening of 22 from January.
08/01/2018 15h05 - Updated 9/01/2018 17h33
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Andreia Verdélio – Agency Brazil

Starts on 24 January the quota payments from the funds of the Social Integration Programs (PIS) and Civil Servants Asset Development (Pasep) for people over 60 years worked with a formal contract before the Constitution 1988. The information was released today (8) the Ministry of Planning, Development and Management.

The credit auto account for beneficiaries with individual savings or checking account at the Federal Savings Bank and the Bank of Brazil will be on the evening of 22 from January. According to the ministry, this new phase of looting benefits over 4,5 million shareholders of PIS and PASEP, which may make the sacking of R $ 7,8 billion available in financial institutions.

The quota payments of PIS / PASEP for men over 65 years and women over 62 years, as well as other shareholders with more than 70 years, retirees and heirs, It will resume from Monday (8/1), the branches and channels Caixa and Banco do Brazil.

In December last year, President Michel Temer signed the interim measure (MP) 813/17 which reduces to 60 the minimum age for service of the PIS / PASEP quotas. In August, the government had already published another MP (797/17) releasing the men to serve from 65 years and for women from 62 years. By the end of 2017, R$ 2,2 billion was taken from 1,6 million accounts.

Since the creation of PIS / PASEP, in 1971, the total withdrawal could only be done when the worker completed 70 years, retired or had serious illness or disability. Provisional measures have eased restrictions.

Who contributed after 4 October 1988 You are not entitled to serve. This is because the Constitution of the year has to allocate the contributions of PIS / PASEP companies for the Fund for Worker (FAT), that pays unemployment insurance and salary bonuses, and the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES).

It's possible, through sites and, check whether sufficient funds are available for withdrawal. on pages, the worker can view the date of the payment and the channels available, well as the best payment option, before heading to one of the channels offered.

The heirs of deceased shareholders may also withdraw resources. They should go to any branch of the Caixa and the Bank of Brazil bearing the official identification document and the document proving their legal beneficiary condition to serve.

The drawing may be done by someone else other than the beneficiary, by special attorney, notarized, public or instrument that contains power request and grant for drawing values ​​PIS / Pasep.

The withdrawal will be permitted after confirmation of the right bank branches. In the case of PIS, payments of the shares with a value up to R $ 1,5 thousand can be made in the case of self-service with only the password of the Citizen Card. If you have the card, the worker will be able to serve in the lottery and Cash Here, by also the presentation of official identification with photo.

Withdrawals of up to R $ 3 thousand can be made at ATMs, lottery and Cash Here with the Citizen Card, password and identification. Values ​​above R $ 3 thousand must be cashed at branches, only on receipt of the identification document.

The looting of Pasep quotas can be done in Banco do Brazil, with official ID with photo presentation. For those who have balance of shares worth up to R $ 2,5 one thousand, solution is available for transmission to another financial institution, free, the Internet or the ATMs of the bank.

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