To avoid losing support, Amazonino should dismember Sejel and deliver a portion of the PPS

If the break up of the paste to take effect, regional and municipal presidents of Acronym must assume office.
09/01/2018 17h03 - Updated 10/01/2018 16h24
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The governor Amazonino Mendes (PDT) He entered into negotiations with the dome of the Popular Socialist Party (PPS) to accommodate the legend at the first step of his government after collecting space and alliance breaking threat made in by-election. According to information released by the portal BNC meeting took place on Monday (8) with the initial aim of dismembering the State Secretariat for Youth, Sports and leisure (Sejel).

The content of the meeting held with President of Acronym, Elcy Barroso, It was that the secretariat would be divided between Youth and Sport / Leisure and the legend would be the first part. If the break up of the paste to take effect, two names are listed to take over the Department of Youth, which are the municipal president, Manoel Almeida, regional president of Legend, Elcy Barroso.

Manoel Almeida has done stiff opposition to Amazonino and was the creator of the movement 'Outside Negão'. He came to burn a chieftain of the doll when he was Mayor of London to protest against their management.

Currently Sejel is managed by Secretary, Janaina Chagas, what I would have gotten the job by lies to say to Amazonino who had influence in Brasilia and in fact did not know even the advisors to the Minister of Sports, Leonardo Picciani (PMDB). Janaina should continue with the holder of the Sport and Recreation Department.

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