Pastor is arrested at the scene for illegal possession of permitted use of firearm

Police received a complaint that traffickers were using the land at the back of a church to market drugs.
03/01/2018 16h07 - Updated 4/01/2018 13h11
Photo: Erlon Rodrigues / PC

The Civil Police of Amazonas, by the research team of the 24th District Integrated Police (DIP), under the command of the holder delegate police unit, Demetrius Queiroz, arrested in flagrante, on the afternoon of Tuesday (02/01), at 15:30, the evangelical pastor Carlos Francisco Monteiro Dutra, 43, for illegal possession of restricted firearm. The incident occurred in the offender's home, located on the street Captain Bras, first stage of the neighborhood Compensates, area west of the capital.

According to the police, the investigations into the case started upon receipt of a complaint, the number taken (92) 99181-2588, the hot line of the 24th DIP, stating that traffickers were using the land at the back of a church to market drugs. Then the police officers went to the place to verify the information.

"When we arrived on site, We identify the existence of a home in the church funds. The property owner, Francisco, He collaborated with our team and allowed us to make searches on property. In the fourth pastor, We found a pistol Taurus, modelo PT 58 HC Plus, 18 the same caliber ammunition and the original case of the gun ", He explained the delegate.

Francisco was booked in the act for illegal possession of permitted use of firearm. For it is a crime afiançável, It was refereed to the offender bail by the police authority. If the payment is made, Pastor will be released to answer for the crime in freedom. The payment will not result in the referral of man to the Custody Hearing in Henoch Minister Forum da Silva Reis, in the San Francisco neighborhood, area on.

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