PGR survey asks filing on Senator Jose Serra by cash crime 2

A decision on the filing will be made by the Minister Rosa Weber, survey reporting on the Supreme. Senator José Serra denies the charges.
25/01/2018 10h56 - Updated 25/01/2018 17h45
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André Richter - Brazil Agency

The Attorney General of the Republic, Raquel Dodge, He called on Thursday (24) the Supreme Court (STF) the filing of the investigation opened in the Court to investigate Senator José Serra (PSDB-SP) the alleged cash electoral crime 2. the manifestation, the prosecutor understood that the case prescribed, and Senator can not be punished.

The investigation was started last year, during the administration of the prosecutor Rodrigo Janot, from one of whistleblower testimonies award-winning entrepreneur Joesley Batista, into a group J&F. He said he "personally agreed with Serra" a contribution of R $ 20 million for the presidential campaign 2010, of which R $ 13 million were transferred as official donation and about R $ 7 millions, via caixa 2, through fraudulent invoices.

the manifestation, the prosecutor pointed out that Serra has over 70 years and, in this case, criminal law provides that the limitation period of time decreases by half. In this way, the punitive claim prescribed in 2016. "That is, since the investigation opening application, the fact was prescribed. for obvious, there is no way to proceed with the investigation. Based on the foregoing, manifest me by filing this investigation. "

A decision on the filing will be made by the Minister Rosa Weber, survey reporting on the Supreme.

In August last year, after the initiation of the investigation, through its advisory, Serra said that there were no financial irregularities in his campaign. “Senator José Serra reiterates that all election campaigns were conducted within the law, with finances under party liability. And without ever offering any consideration for election donations. "

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