Hapvida health plan will have to pay $ 30 thousand to the child's family for denying emergency care

In the emergency reception, Company officials imposed the mother "the payment of R $ 700 or the life of the child ".
19/01/2018 15h11 - Updated 20/01/2018 15h45
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The health plan operator Hapvida was condemned by the 11th Civil Court Small Claims Special Manaus County to pay $ 30 thousand to a child's family 1 year and 8 months who needed emergency care, but it was denied by the company.

The child was taken to the emergency room of Hapvida with pieces of glass in the mouth, and suspected of having swallowed other.

In the emergency reception, employees Hapvida Healthcare imposed the mother "the payment of R $ 700 or the life of the child ", as the judge wrote in the judgment.

The holder of the court, Francisco Soares de Souza, He ruled that Hapvida was negligent and not honored the child's life, giving more value to the contract formalities.

The judge, this unacceptable behavior caused "violent emotional shock" on the child and his mother.

"I am convinced that no human being in distress state, trying to save his son, You deserve this treatment ", He complemented the magistrate.

In his defense in the process, the Hapvida claimed that the customer was six days late in paying the monthly fee and it would not make the child's care.

Neither the client stating that the payment would update then sensitized the company to provide emergency relief.

The court took into consideration that over the delay issue in paying health insurance tuition is "the right to life as one of the most important rights, including above all shaken in constant defense in the case ", said the sentence.

All information in the file 0607020-64.2016.8.04.0092.

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