Police releases photo temple where have occurred satanic ritual that sacrificed two children

According to research the ritual was to achieve prosperity in real estate and was surrounded by the symbolism of the number seven.
08/01/2018 14h27 - Updated 8/01/2018 14h29
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Seven suspected of involvement in a satanic ritual that ended with the death of two children in Hamburg, as shown by the civil police, They are in preventive detention. Four are already arrested, including the leader of a temple, and three are considered fugitives. The investigation began after two children were found dead in a city neighborhood Vale do Sinos, in September last year.

One of fugitives is Argentine. According to the delegate Moacir Fermino, he has friends in Rio Grande do Sul and would have abducted children – it would sisters – in the neighboring country in exchange for a stolen truck.

The police are in contact with foreign authorities in search of a DNA compatible with the bodies.

“Argentine databases are being checked to see if the DNA of children are found. Letters have been sent to the neighboring country authorities. It will also be checked if the Argentine is related to brothers”, Full or delegate.

“Must have other [Satanic ritual victims]. We are investigating. This yields a lot of money for them”, adds Fermino. The delegate had reported that the ritual cost $ 25 one thousand, and it was commissioned by members who wanted “prosperity in developing real estate and purchase and sale of cars.”

About ritual
As research, the ritual to achieve prosperity in real estate, commissioned by the partners, It involves sacrifice, and it was surrounded by the symbolism of the number seven. “Everything suggests that the temple was eaten flesh and blood taken”, account Fermino.

When the police made the operation, including going to the temple, which is a city in the metropolitan region of Porto Alegre, It found a cape and a mask that were used in rituals. The material was within a safe. Seizures and first arrests took place in late December.

Even as the delegate, The ritual was started with one of the partners, it was evangelical, renouncing Jesus in a church. Ali, he would have spilled blood on a bible. “We have several Bibles that will be analyzed”, said.

The expert pointed, as delegate, that the boy's body “there are very high dosage proof alcohol”. The girl had knife puncture marks on a limb which was located.

Fermino states that a witness reported that he saw the boy tied up on a pedestal, and that the girl was lying on the floor, in a dark environment, lit only by candles, with the kneeling disciples around.

The police, children had been decapitated through turnstiles. But witnesses say they were not up to the end of the ritual.

“They did not attend the ceremony, They had to leave the site before completion, but also because they could die”, or delegate says, saying that the ritual was carried out on the crescent moon.

“Their god, or devil Moloch, It specializes in child sacrifice. He's a child in hand”, describe.

When asked how he came to suspects, the delegate said, on several occasions, it was through a revelation that came to him by two prophets. “One such person was with me in the car, when he had the revelation, and the other called me and asked me to bring a notebook [where the revelations would be noted]”.

The investigation was initiated at the police station of Novo Hamburgo Homicide with the delegate holder Rogerio Baggio. In September the investigation was in its early stage, and it was believed until the children could be collateral victims of a dispute over drug trafficking.

However, holder during the holidays, investigations were undertaken by the delegate Moacir Fermino, that was the one who received the information about the involvement of the disciples of the Satanist Temple. After the collective, was informed by the civil police that the delegate Rogério Baggio back from vacation, and should resume the case on Wednesday (10).

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