PR announces Alfredo Nascimento and Marcelo Ramos as pre-candidates in elections 2018

Alfredo announced that it is pre-candidate for the Senate and Marcelo Ramos, the Congressman.
12/01/2018 14h17 - Updated 13/01/2018 16h15
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The PR will compete in this year's election with a candidate for the Senate, at least one Federal candidate for deputy and a plate 36 state representatives. hereafter, the party must set the gubernatorial candidate who will support. The announcement was made by the President of PR in the Amazon, Deputy Alfredo Nascimento, late on Thursday (11) the first meeting of the year of the Youth PR, at party headquarters.

Alfredo announced that it is pre-candidate for the Senate and Marcelo Ramos, president of Manaus Directory, He revealed that it is pre-candidate for federal deputy. "Our party, which is the fifth largest in the country, election will play with a strong team with all the conditions to broaden our representation in Congress and we double our bench in the Legislative Assembly ", said Alfredo.

Alfredo said his resume accredits to play one of the two vacancies to Senate, a position he has held in the period from 2006 a 2014. "I was superintendent of Suframa, State Secretary, vice governor, elected mayor twice, Minister of State, senator and congressman in more than 30 years of public life.”.

Marcelo Ramos, after playing three times the majority positions, will compete this year the Federal Chamber. "The PR has grown consistently every election and this year we have clear goals of strengthening party, not only keeping our space in Congress, but also reclaiming a seat in the Senate and electing a large bench in Aleam ", highlighted Marcelo Ramos.

The PR will maintain its mobilization mark of their members from both the capital and the interior with frequent meetings to discuss the best ways for the party. "This meeting with the youth was the first of many we will have until the election. no day 18 will be meeting with the PR Woman, next week, day 25, with pre-candidates and then we'll have the town meeting and in February, the state meeting ", anticipated Marcelo Ramos.

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