Deadline for enrollment of new students in the public school system closes on Thursday

Os interessados podem se matricular pela internet até às 23h59 desta quinta-seira (18).
18/01/2018 16h43 - Updated 18/01/2018 16h43
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Ends Thursday (18), 23:59, the deadline for registration for new students of the public school system. Those interested can register through the website, the application 'Enrollment Amazon', or in person, in any state or municipal unit.

The time for contact hours will be from 8am to 12pm and from 13h to 17h. Upon completion of the enrollment, parents and guardians have three business days to confirm the reservation in the selected teaching unit. If the confirmation is not made, the student will lose the job.

The Municipal Education (semed) recorded, since the beginning of the enrollment period for new students, no dia 13/1, until Wednesday, 17/1, 44.785 visits. these, the highest number was done through the application, 22.855, others 16.691, happened on the site and 5.239, in person, in educational units from public.

The number of services in the last five days is greater than that recorded throughout the period of enrollment 2017, they were made 43.799 vague confirmations network. The school year of municipal schools will begin on 05/2 and the network will service capacity of over 270 thousand students from kindergarten, Basic Education and Adult Education (COME).

Those who failed to perform enrollment and missed the deadline or wish to request a transfer, can search, from day 19/1, the Enrollment Management at Semed, or teaching units, to request the service, noting that the completion of the application will be subject to availability of vacancies in the system.

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