Mayor Arthur missing the first public event of the year and have first lady take podium

Questionada sobre seu protagonismo no evento Elisabeth Valeiko disse que estava cumprindo ordem do prefeito-marido.
18/01/2018 16h17 - Updated 19/01/2018 15h46
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The political role of the First Lady and President of the Social Solidarity Fund, Elisabeth Valeiko, It was featured in the first public event of the year of Manaus Prefecture.

The wife of the mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB), It seems to have been well instructed by the toucan that was against the prosecution of the Amazon to leave his beloved in the first step of his government.

Valeiko was named by her husband and mayor on 22 of May, with earnings of R $ 15 one thousand. For the prosecution, nepotism act is evident, since it does not meet the qualifications required to work in the folder.

Asked about his appearance in the foreground the first lady said only following orders from the mayor-husband. “I get orders. My husband is in serious trouble column, He could not come and told me get dressed up and go! The time he speak I will always be ready to serve you”, said.

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