Itapiranga Prefecture launches competition with 646 vacancies; wages go up to R $ 3.500

Cargos envolvem 43 áreas e inscrições iniciam na quarta-feira (17) no site do Instituto Merkabah. Provas acontecem em março.
16/01/2018 18h41 - Updated 17/01/2018 16h24
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The Itapiranga Prefecture launched tender to fill 646 vacancies in various capacities in the municipal framework of the municipality. Registrations start on Wednesday (17) and will until the day 26 of February. Wages go up to R $ 3.500 and the positions involve 43 areas.

According to the prefecture, The contest will be held by the Institute Merkabah. Registration can be made the internet site.

The minimum requirements for taking office include candidates with incomplete basic education, full mid-level, technical course in the area and college degrees. The prices of the entries are from $ 40 (incomplete elementary level), R$ 50 (full mid-level technical course in the area) and college degrees (R$ 80).

For incomplete elementary level, the city list the positions of general assistant, lunch box (O), watch, car, river driver school transport, river driver, drivers of light vehicles, drivers of heavy vehicles, vessel commander, bricklayer, carpenter, mechanic, hydraulic operator and the operator of heavy machinery. Wages are from $ 1.030 and the workload is 40 week hours.

In the medium level, There are vacancies for administrative assistant, tax taxes, fiscal health surveillance, fiscal supply and production and environmental tax. Wages are from $ 1.050.

To complete middle level technical course, opportunities are technical in buildings, technician in clinical analysis, nursing technician, Accounting technician, technical agricultural, forest technician and technician aquaculture and fishing. Salaries for these positions are R $ 1.350.

The positions for college degrees are in civil engineering, forester, Fishing Engineer, agronomist, nutritionist, librarian, educator and teacher. Salaries vary between R $ 1.149 and R $ 3.500.

According to the notice, the event is divided into two stages, the first being an objective test and the second a securities valuation. The objective test will be held on 31 March.

Since the documents relating to the securities must be delivered to the Collection Desk located in Itapiranga Prefecture, in the days 16 a 18 April 2018. The results of the competition will be published in the official press of the municipality and posted on the Internet in the Institute Merkabah site.

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