Manaus Prefecture breaking agreement and road announce strike

Trabalhadores cobram reajuste salarial prometido pelo prefeito Artur Neto em acordo com as empresas e o pagamento de FGTS e INSS.
17/01/2018 14h42 - Updated 18/01/2018 16h55
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The Union of Workers in Manaus Road Transport (STTRM) He announced the first strike of the category 2018 for Monday (22). Information is the president of the union, Givancir Oliveira. The reason is the failure to comply with an agreement to salary adjustments made with the Manaus City Hall and with businesses and non-payment of FGTS and INSS, although they are collected.

According Givancir Oliveira, Mayor Arthur Neto (PSDB) made a verbal agreement with the category and with the companies promising increase in salaries from January 1 this year. "It's day 17 it's nothing. The adjustment did not come out and no one answers the most. If the mayor does not fulfill his word, let's make the biggest strike seen in Manaus ", said.

Besides that, road also charge the firmament of a collective agreement by companies. Givancir mind that discounts of FGTS and INSS have been made and payments are not being made. "Companies are making undue discounts to workers. Layoffs have begun to be for just cause, nor holidays are paying. The mayor has to position, because it manages the granting of transport ", reported.

The strike was decided during the general meeting on Tuesday (16). According to him, the fleet of buses should hang on 70%. "We expect the sensitivity of Justice not to interfere with the movement of workers. We are demanding a right that is ours ", stated.

The Union of Manaus Transport Companies (Sinetram) He said it was not notified of the strike. The report also contacted the Municipal Superintendence of Urban Transportation (SMTU) and waits for positioning.

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