Municipalities receive recommendation not to spend public funds with carnival

O MP de Contas aponta que é de conhecimento público que os municípios passam por severas dificuldades financeiras, with any delay in the payment of servers and providers.
31/01/2018 14h54 - Updated 6/02/2018 15h16
Photo: Karyme Dibo

The prosecutor Amazon Accounts (MPC-AM) It is issuing recommendations to the state inside the halls to the Municipal Executives refrain from using public resources to the carnival festivities, in 2018.

Until Wednesday (31), They were sent recommendations to the governments of Presidente Figueiredo, Itapiranga, Itacoatiara, Maués, Nova Olinda do Norte, Urucurituba, Silves, Apuí, Autazes, Borba, Careiro, Humaita, Manipur, Novo Aripuana, Carauari, Ipixuna, Eirunepé, Guajará and Envira, Itamarati, Rio Preto da Eva, Parintins, Nhamundá, Boa Vista do Ramos, Barreirinha, San Sebastian Uatumã and Urucará.

the recommendations, the Court of MP points out that it is common knowledge that the municipalities of Amazonas undergo severe financial difficulties, with any delay in the payment of servers and providers. As visa, among others, protect the public interest and essential health services, Education and Sanitation.

in acts, MPC recommends the mayors "or who do its times, to refrain from burdening the municipal coffers with conducting illegitimate spending carnival festivities and advertising, in 2018, either through direct hiring, voluntary transfers, agreements, sponsorship or any other manner that implies allocation of public funds for this purpose, at the expense of investment and priority and urgent obligations of maintenance and expansion of essential services in Health, Education, Sanitation and payment possibly personal sheet overdue ".

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