state president of PCdoB, Eron Bezerra rule in alliance with Braga 2018

The former congressman said an alliance 2018 with MDB (Antigo PMDB) Senator Eduardo Braga "is impossible".
19/01/2018 15h43 - Updated 20/01/2018 15h45
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The state president of PCdoB, former deputy and former head of Sepror, Eron Bezerra, He told a local news portal in an alliance 2018 with MDB (Antigo PMDB) Senator Eduardo Braga "is impossible" for the party indeed be marked by the President, Michel Temer.

The declaration of Eron Bezerra was given before questions about the electoral design of this year and the formation of plaques possible with the participation of PCdoB.

"We will not support the PMDB here. Now there is no way", said Eron. No Amazon, PCdoB made alliances with Eduardo Braga in five elections: 1998, 2006, 2010, 2014 and in the supplementary election of 2017. In 2010, Vanessa Grazziotin was elected to the Senate with the support of Braga.

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