Evidence of public Semed competition will be applied on Sunday

The morning shift (local time), the evidence will be applied from 8:50 a.m. to 12.50. In the afternoon, the evaluation will take place from 15h20 to 19h20.
18/01/2018 16h33 - Updated 19/01/2018 15h46
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Candidates who are competing to 400 vacancies for teacher training and reservation records of Municipal Education (semed) They will conduct the tests on Sunday, 21/1. The evaluation will be conducted by the Brazilian Institute of Executive Development (Ibade), under the coordination of the Municipal Administration, Planning and management (Semad).

The morning shift (local time), the evidence will be applied from 8:50 a.m. to 12.50. In the afternoon, the evaluation will take place from 15h20 to 19h20. For those who are performing tests on the first time, the gates will be open from 7:30 am until 8:30 am, and from 14h to 15h, for candidates afternoon.

Altogether they were recorded 22.718 registered at the event and, according to the Administration Undersecretary, Planning and Management of Semad, Lucas Bandiera, Manaus Prefecture is working to that evidence is performed in an organized manner, uneventfully.

"We will have the role of the Military, Military police, traffic agents Manaustrans and Fire Department, who will be collaborating so that there is no complication in testing locations, and that candidates are able to perform smoothly reviews ", he emphasized, warning, still, that competitors must check local tests ahead, so there is no delay.

Secretary of Semed in exercise, Euzeni Trajano, It highlights the importance of holding the tender for the development of the Semed work over 2018.

"The completion of the tender is fundamental, because we create this body of actual servers, as the network grows and care students also. So we must have positive results in the competition and we can have these approved professional, acting with quality in the network ".

Documents and objects
The Semad informs, still, that competitors must present on the day of trial original identity document, ballpoint pen ink black or blue, made of transparent material,, Official Statement Call for Support (COCP), consisting date, time and place of assessment of achievement, available on the site www.ibade.org.br.

In the absence of identity document, the contestant may bring the following original documents: work permit and social securities; certificate of reservist (male); passport; identity card provided by bodies or class councils, which by federal law is valid as identity document (CRQ, OAB, CRC, CRA, CRF, etc.) and National Driving License – CNH (print and photo in the form of Law No. 9.503/97).

It will not be allowed to use pencil, pencil and / or eraser during the tests, and electronic objects and / or similar, beyond the firearm use or white, digital watches, caps and the like, sunglasses.

The notice has openings for top-level teachers, who will serve in the 1st class to 5th grade of elementary school (146), Child education (101), Art (4), Sciences (37), PE (23), Religious education (5), Geography (8), History (8), English (3), Portuguese language (5) its math (60).

The event provides 5% of vacancies for candidates with disabilities. Besides that, also it will be the formation of registration reservation, to be used according to need Semed.

Approved will have hours of 20h per week, with gross remuneration of R $ 1.609,32, which can be increased by the Magisterium of Special Function (FIVE) folded load, Special location or Special Education, as specific legislation.

The final outcome of the contest is scheduled for the day 15 March 2018.

The Municipal Institute of Engineering and Traffic Surveillance (Manaustrans) will employ an effective 30 agents to monitor the traffic on the main traffic corridors which are situated large schools of the capital that will receive the candidates contest.

The agents are in service stations in the avenues Bartolomeu Bueno (Dom Pedro), avenues Leopoldo Peres (students), Rodrigo Otavio (Japiim), Constantino Nery (St. Gerard), Brazil (compensates), Carvalho Leal (Cachoeirinha) Square and Our Lady of Nazareth (Adrianople).

traffic agents will curb the no parking and double row, order traffic to maintain the fluidity of the system and monitor the movement of pedestrians to ensure safe crossing.

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