Remedy against HIV for people without the virus begins to be distributed in Manaus

O público-alvo são pessoas mais expostas à infecção. Interessados devem agendar tratamento na FMT a partir desta quarta (17) e se medicar em casa.
17/01/2018 15h14 - Updated 18/01/2018 16h55
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The State Department of Health (Sesame) will provide as of Wednesday (17) in public a new drug for preventing HIV. It is the Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), treatment consisting of daily consumption of a preventive drug called Truvada antiretroviral. Treatment of HIV prevention will be offered to people who have the virus, but which are more exposed to infection.

Medication was sent by the Ministry of Health and will be distributed by the Tropical Medicine Foundation Dr. Heitor Vieira Dourado (FMT-HVD). According to Susam, treatment has as target audience people considered at highest risk of acquiring HIV, as sex workers, homosexuals, trans people and serodiscordant couples (when only one partner is HIV positive).

The Secretary of State for Health, Francisco Deodato, It states that the treatment is an important strategy for reducing HIV infection rates. "The Amazon has significant results in the fight against HIV, but the challenge is still great. we managed, for example, reduce by 64,8% the number of cases of HIV vertical transmission, when the mother passes to the baby during pregnancy. With this medicine, hopefully the rates of the disease hit the state ", highlighted.

It does not replace condom
Those interested in starting treatment should schedule an appointment in the FMT-HVD, unit which is reference in the treatment of STI / AIDS. Patients will receive medication to take at home. The state coordinator of STD / AIDS and Viral Hepatitis, Dessana Chehuan, clarifies that, although important, PrEP does not replace condoms. "The condom remains the most efficient way of preventing HIV and other sexually transmitted infections also", he stressed.

Barrier HIV
The Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) It is the combination of tenofovir with antiretroviral Emtricitabine. Dessana Chehuan informs the medication acts as a barrier for HIV, before the person comes into contact with the virus. Scientific studies have shown that the use of PrEP can reduce the risk of HIV infection in more than 90%, since it is taken correctly, since the effectiveness is directly related to accession.

After the start of the use of PrEP, the effect of protection only begins after the seventh day of daily use of the drug for relations involving anal sex. As for relations involving vaginal sex, protection begins only after 20 days of daily use.

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