Rodrigo Maia says Bolsa Familia leaves government dependent beneficiaries

For him, the program has fragile conditions and makes them "dependent" recipients of federal assistance.
17/01/2018 18h55 - Updated 17/01/2018 18h55
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Heloisa Cristaldo – Agency Brazil

The mayor, Mr Rodrigo Maia (DEM-RJ), He criticized today (17), em Washington, the current Bolsa Familia program format. For him, the program has fragile conditions and makes them "dependent" recipients of federal assistance.

"You'll have to generate within programs [social] conditions for people to be encouraged to exit the program. So that they generate a son who has education, so they can go back looking for a job. You just give Bolsa Familia and not generate, truthfully, no obligation for that person over time, you're making this dependent person because she has no way out ", He said in debate, no Brazil Institute do Wilson Center, in US capital.

The Ministry of Social Development was sought, but still did not comment on the statements.

Maia said that currently in the country there is no overlapping agendas and outcome evaluation. "Ideally, all social programs may have the conditions, the program is linked to public policy where you give equal conditions for all citizens ", He stressed.

speaking, Maia criticized the policies adopted by PT administrations in the economic area. "We have seen the return of the old typical intervenor status of the military dictatorship, transferring privileges and benefits to stakeholders and intervene in a discretionary manner in the markets as desoneraçãoes for selected products, protectionist in trade and attempt to lower market interest through public banks uses ", evaluated.

According to the deputy, the result of these economic policies was a "massive failure". "The good news is that the money is spent, which is forcing the debate on public policy. We will combine that, with the immense waste of resources on failed projects in recent years, this is good news. The country will have to reassess the various existing programs, identify what works and what groups benefit, and decide what should be kept and which should be reviewed ", he argued.

Rodrigo Maia also highlighted the crisis of states and municipalities. The parliamentarian pointed spending on servers and retired as the main problem faced by these federal entities. "The palliative measures in recent years, as the use of escrow deposits, loans with approval of the Union or of public banks, debt renegotiation with the Union, only served as a stopgap while compulsory expenditure continued to increase. The result was a worsening of the fiscal framework crisis. Extraordinary adjustments are short-lived and spending continues to increase ", he said. In evaluating Maia, crisis states and municipalities tend to increase in 2019.

The solution indicated by the Mayor for the country's current fiscal crisis is a reform agenda and dialogue with the judiciary. According to him, rules that determine annual increases, By actuation time, of public servants need to be reevaluated. "There are still injunctions granted by the Supreme blocking measures to reduce salaries, journeys servers or limiting the contribution to Social Security servers ", said.

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