SEAP and SSP-AM increase camera monitoring partnership in prisons

Sistema de monitoramento interligado atua com 432 câmeras nas unidades prisionais de Manaus e em Itacoatiara.
12/01/2018 15h34 - Updated 12/01/2018 15h34
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Monitoring by cameras in the prison system in the capital and in Itacoatiara (a 176 kilometers from Manaus) It has been intensified through the partnership between the Departments of State for Prison Administration (SEAP) and Amazon Public Safety (SSP-AM). With the implementation of an interconnected system in prisons and monitoring the Center for Integrated Command and Control (CICC), located on Avenida André Araújo, They are in operation 432 cameras in eight prisons.

The Secretary of State for Prison Administration, Military Police Colonel, Cleitman Coelho, It points out that the monitoring framework is one of the largest Brazilian prison system, with equipment in various indoor and outdoor units. "The equipment is present in places that assist in the work of Listeners and security of prisons. Images are recorded in real time and accompanied by the operators present in each prison unit and central CICC ".

Among the sites monitored by the cameras are the external and internal sides next to the walls of each unit, corridors and pavilions, areas magazines materials procedure, foods, visitors and staff, administrative hallways and common areas, following characteristics and needs of each unit prison.

According to the deputy governor and Security Secretary, Bosco Saraiva, the real-time monitoring is part of the measures taken to broaden the control over the state's prisons. "CICC established a link with the whole prison system and it is now possible to follow in real time all movement within the units of the prison system of the city of Manaus. Any slip or any differential movement inside the prison, we can act more accurately ", He highlighted Bosco.

Cerberus operation
As operações no sistema prisional foram intensificadas entre os meses de outubro a dezembro, Following the determination of the governor Amazonino Mendes. no period, were realized 33 revistas em unidades prisionais da capital e interior do Amazonas. In December, with "Operation Cerberus", prisons now have terrestrial policing, river and air monitoring, with daily overflights of helicopters.

The images of the flyovers are being shared with the center of the CICC, that in line with the prisons, It has had great contribution to the development of "Operation Cerberus", which began on 15 de dezembro e que permanece em janeiro de 2018 indefinitely.

preventive work
The secretary Cleitman Coelho reinforces that monitoring is carrying out preventive work to communicate the movements of detainees, families and staff. "Any abnormal activity is being communicated SEAP, SSP-AM and the Civil and Military Police who are participating in the operation. To strengthen the work in prisons, members of the leadership of the units are closely watching day delivery of materials and visits by physical presence in the areas of search procedures and the monitoring center ".

Occurrences and prompt response
monitoring stations the work 24 hours in prisons and the central CICC, with records of all occurrences of procedures performed. In the event of situations that escape the routine in prisons, monitors the prisons use the emergency button and make contact with the center in CICC to trigger contingency teams SEAP and the strengthening of forces of the Public Security System.

During Tuesday (09/01), the Prison Unit Puraquequara (UP) recorded four occurrences of prohibited materials, most numbing, between the cleaning materials, hygiene and food were given in the unit.

According to Coelho Cleitman, besides the activities of agents at the time of the magazines and the use of acquired technology equipment, board members were accompanying by monitoring and identified suspicious attitudes of visitors, que se mostraram nervosos e agitados enquanto permaneciam na fila antes de passarem pelo procedimento.

"The flagrant we are doing in recent months are the result of a set of determining factors for the success of seizures, which are the use of all technology equipment acquired, como o body scanner, X-ray, detectors portals metals, rackets and stools. The action of the agents of socialization has also contributed enough to find illicit and realized through the cameras that behavior, a linguagem corporal daqueles que tentam burlar a segurança acaba transparecendo e muitas vezes entregam que aquele visitante está escondendo um objeto proibido entre os materiais que estão passando pela revista”.

Technology monitoring cameras

The Prison System uses two types of cameras for monitoring and handling routine in prisons. The HDCVI camera with infrared and Full HD features high definition and range of 20m, 60m and 100m with day and night shooting.

The speed cameras have a wider reach, getting at 1.200 meters and also have the technology to infrared and day and night shooting. The speed also have built-in motion sensors and digital optical zoom with a clear picture of warranty and technology to travel with audio and video in real time.

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