Seduc offers EJA and Electronic Provão for adults who need to complete their studies in the Amazon

Vacancies are for educational units of the capital and the interior.
24/01/2018 10h35 - Updated 25/01/2018 11h24
Photo: Eduardo Cavalcante / Seduc

Youth and adults who failed to complete their studies in regular period can again attend school or obtain the elementary school certification and medium through the supplementary examination, whose proofs can be made throughout the year.

According to the State Secretariat for Education and Teaching Quality (Seduc), for the school year 2018, They are still available 11.792 vacancies for state schools that offer the type of Youth and Adult Education (COME). Vacancies are for educational units of the capital and the interior.

Of the total vacancies, 740 They are units of capital and 11.052 vacancies for inland schools. Requests can be made through the website, Enrollments by Amazon application and also in person.

Electronic Provão
Seduc also offers a unique service The service to adults who want to regularize studies. The supplementary examination or "electronic Provão", popularly known as, It can be used by people who wish to obtain the certification in elementary or high schools. The General Test is free and done by a computer mediated system.

To perform the tests and get the completion certificate in Elementary Education, it is necessary that the candidate has minimum age 15 years. For those who wish to obtain a high school certification, the minimum age required to participate in the examination is 18 years.

The attendance for supplementary examination is done in three units in Manaus: the Cultural Center Thiago de Mello, located on the avenue Autaz Mirim, No 9018, the Amazonino Mendes neighborhood (East zone); the State School Solon de Lucena, located on Avenida Constantino Nery, neighborhood of St. Gerard (Centro-Sul) and the Institute of Amazonas Education (IEA), located at street Ramos Ferreira, Center, in the South Zone of Manaus.

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