Senai Amazonas opens enrollment for technical courses with limited vacancies

Os cursos são destinados a alunos matriculados a partir do 3º ano do Ensino Médio ou egressos com idade mínima 18 years.
10/01/2018 15h41 - Updated 11/01/2018 16h05
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The Senai (SENAI Amazon) It is with open enrollment for technical courses in mechanics, refrigeration and air conditioning, computer network, electronics, electronics and administration. The courses, with limited number of places and dates are different for start of activities, They are intended for students enrolled from the 3rd year of high school graduates or with age 18 years.

"We work with 95% satisfaction of SENAI graduates in companies in the Industrial Pole of Manaus, annually conduct research within the industries and the result is always positive, result of our differentiated approach ", emphasizes vocational education manager SENAI, Silvia Barros.

The courses offered in the beginning of year, only the technical administration will be developed in three shifts (morning, afternoon and night) and the technician in computer network, only at night, the other will be in the afternoon. The technical course in mechanics will start in 19 of February; electronics and administration, in 5 March, and others in 2 of April.

According to Silvia Barros, each module has theoretical and practical, It is around 20% a 50% in the workload. "Students learn how to develop within the SENAI activities and then apply the companies", she says. The technical course in mechanics is the only one offered in the SENAI Waldemiro Lustoza, located in the neighborhood Cachoeirinha.

"We prepare students for the mechanics market, maintenance and innovation. Today in the industry are examples of former students hired by companies PG, Yamaha e 3M, and graduates of technical course in mechanics of SENAI ", highlights the manager of ESWL Ivana Ayrton.

With eight courses in operation, the SENAI Antonio Simões is featured in professional education since 2002, and has formed 1.783 students in technical courses offered in three shifts. According to the education coordinator and ESAS technology, Waldenir Carvalho, the course of Mechatronics is the most sought, along with the industrial automation and electronics.

"Within the course of 1200h mechatronics students engaged in the development of automated manufacturing systems, learn to implement and maintain machinery and automated equipment while respecting the technical standards, Of Quality, of health, safety and the environment ", explains Carvalho.

The courses have different hours: mechanics (1360h), management (1000h), electronics (1200), electronics (1200), computer network (1000) and refrigeration and air conditioning (1200).

More information by the numbers (92) 3133-6400, 3133-6401 or by e-mail [email protected] (SENAI Waldemiro Lustoza, 555, Cachoeirinha); e (92) 3182-9975, 3182-9977 or by e-mail [email protected] (SENAI Antonio Simões, Avenida Rodrigo Otavio, 2394, Industrial district).

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