Silas Malafaia Bolsonaro defends and criticizes press: "They'll elect him in Turn 1"

Pastor said the false and malicious accusations of the newspaper Folha de São Paulo on presidential pre-candidate.
08/01/2018 16h03 - Updated 9/01/2018 17h33
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Despite having declared support for John Doria last, Pastor Silas Malafaia came out in defense of Mr Jair Bolsonaro, pre-candidate for president by PSL.

In a video posted on your social networks, the leader of God's Victory Assembly commented on the newspaper's malicious reports Folha de São Paulo, suggesting illicit enrichment Bolsonaro and their children.

He started remembering that he was the victim of reports that highlighted truths or just socks made accusations without proof. First, the Forbes magazine, which awarded him an equity 150 million dollars.

Malafaia said "all media" Brazilian released the information without checking. Although it has opened its declaration of income tax during his TV show, there was concern to determined the facts. Made it clear, inclusive, who has sued Forbes for libel.

Then, Operation reminded Timothy, triggered by Federal Police last year and which resulted in his forceful presentation. Media reports said he was accused of "money laundering" and was part of a gang that moved more than 70 millions. The truth is that he had received a check for 100 thousand reais a person, without him knowing, It was part of the scheme.

Although Malafaia have proven his innocence and shown that everything stated in the Income Tax, We never had the chance of that press to defend.

Speaking about the series of attacks that Steve and his three sons, all political, They are getting the Folha de São Paulo, who tried to show illicit enrichment with real estate transactions.

"You mean he can not have equity?”, asked Silas, reiterating that everything that was shown by the newspaper it is stated in the Income Tax. Also recalled that the former prosecutor Rodrigo Janot Republic had given a negative opinion on these charges, that they are not new.

"I am in favor of a free press, but not a partial press ", He asserted the pastor, lamenting that "most journalists have esquerdopatas trends". He took the opportunity to suggest that the Folha de São Paulo made a report on the heritage of the sons of former President Lula before and after him the presidency.

"That way the Brazilian press, who is afraid of Bolsonaro, You will end up electing him in the first round ", shot, leaving their protest over the way the press behaves when talking of conservative leaders.

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