ALE's website shows that Alessandra Campêlo was in Brasilia on days when Mouhamad Mustafa would have paid nights at luxury hotel for her

Segundo frequência parlamentar, Alessandra esteve em Brasília nos dias 09 e 10 September 2015.
06/01/2018 12h41 - Updated 8/01/2018 17h01
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The site of the Amazonas State Legislature - ALE-AM, overthrew the alibi of State Representative, Alessandra Campêlo (PMDB), who denied and questioned the veracity of a leaked message on social networks showing record time of parliamentary and former Secretary of Finance, Afonso Lobo, currently jailed for involvement in corruption scheme, the luxurious Hotel Cullinan HPlus in Brasilia, supposedly pays for doctor and businessman, Mouhamad Mustafa, period not 08/09/2015 at 10/09/2015.

The message leaked Whatsapp messaging app and shows a possible Alessandra bond with the boss of the criminal organization which diverted R $ 110 millions of Amazon Health.

Alessandra ruled on the case claiming that not traveled to Brasilia on 08/09/2015 and that the complaint was an attempt to take the focus off something political, distorting the facts to something personal. The ALE's website shows that really the PMDB was in plenary on this day, in the morning, However, parliamentary often also points out that Campêlo was rather in the federal capital in the following days 09 e 10 for meeting the Senate.

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