SSP-AM renews contract for special forces of military and civil police use army rifles

Signed by the Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security, Bosco Saraiva, the agreement provides for six months the use of 70 Army rifles.
19/01/2018 14h17 - Updated 20/01/2018 15h46
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The Secretariat of Public Security of the Amazon (SSP-AM) and the 12th Battalion of the Amazon Military Command Supply (CMA) renewed, this Friday (19), the lease agreement for the use of rifles 762 WALL, which are for the exclusive use of the Army, by special forces of the Civil and Military Police.

Signed by the Lieutenant Governor and Secretary of Homeland Security, Bosco Saraiva, the agreement provides for six months the use of 70 Army rifles by effective specialized troops as the Special Operations Company (COE), Rounds Chichi Cândido Mariano (Rocam) and Shock, Military Police, and the Beast Group Civil Police. Weapons will also be employed in Tabatinga, in the triple border, where the government participates in the Base Hook with police who work in the State Security Strategy Border (ESFRON).

More offensive potential, armaments began to be used by the police of the Amazon to replace weapons like Rifle .40, Machine guns .40, carbines 556. “This is important and proves the current integration of Amazonino Mendes governor with the Army, seeking the safety of the people and strengthening the work of our police”, He emphasized Bosco Saraiva.

According to the Chief of the 12 Military region, Colonel Jorge Fernandes, with partnership, the Army and the Government of the Amazon can offer better potential to contribute troops and police to public safety.

“This is a weapon that gives protection to the police troops and the population at an average distance. It is a rifle that has a range of use of 600 meters and allows the police to do more security raids. It's an Army job weapon that the police will have greater ability to adapt to various situations”, said Army Colonel.

New technologies to combat crime – The deputy governor and Security Secretary, Bosco Saraiva, He said on Friday it will seek to overseas technological innovations to improve and modernize the work of the police in the Amazon.

The charge of the mission's deputy delegate-general of the Civil Police, Antonio Neto Chicre, who will attend the edition 2018 the main arms fair in the world, a Shot Show, em Las Vegas, no Nevada, U.S.

“We will seek what is most modern for river combat, air and the woods to, thereby, seek paths to equip our police arms with potentially offensive”, Saraiva said.

Chicre Neto was invited by representatives of the US Consulate General to compose a Brazilian delegation, formed by 40 servers Public Safety and Military from different states.

Or event, exclusively directed to selected professionals, gathers, approximately, 1,6 thousand exhibitors each year, brands references the defense industry and new technologies, as well as stands with simulators, that will enable professionals an update of cutting edge weaponry that is being adopted in first world countries to fight crime. The initiative aims at the exchange of experience and improvement of the work performed by the institutions where members of the delegation act.

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