daily alleged Luxurious hotel paid by Mustafa Mouhamad to Alessandra Campelo and Afonso Lobo leak on the Internet

Parliamentary denies charges and says it is an attempt to attack her.
05/01/2018 16h41 - Updated 6/01/2018 13h46
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The name of the State Representative, Alessandra Campelo, aparaceu recently linked to the doctor and businessman, Mouhamad Mustafa, appointed as head of a criminal organization that looked R $ 110 millions of Amazon Health.

A viral message on whatsapp has issued a voucher, supostamente payment by Mohammad, in luxury Hotel Cullinan HPlus in Brasilia, for parliamentary and former Secretary of Finance, Afonso Lobo, currently jailed for involvement in corruption scheme.

According to the photo circulating on social network the couple's length of stay in Cullinan HPlus it would have been the day 08/09/2015 at 10/09/2015, the equivalent of two daily.

Alessandra ruled on the case and said the virus is an attempt to attack her for denouncing the excesses of the former governor impeached and arrested in the operation Evil Ways, Jose Melo.

To achieve my honor as a woman, They want to distort and create facts involving my personal life to put in doubt my political activity. They want to change the subject focus attacking precisely who has been denouncing the excesses of the government revoked the tribune“, hit back.

In his defense he said no parliamentary traveled to Brasilia on 8 and that this would be an attempt to take the focus off something political, distorting the facts to something personal.

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