suspected of involvement in the British sportsman robbery arrested in Codajás

The British Emma Kelty was killed on 13 September 2017, the island of Boeiro, Community Lauro Sodre, in Coari.
20/01/2018 15h36 - Updated 22/01/2018 17h20
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The Civil Police of Amazonas (PC-AM), through the 78th Precinct Police Interactive (DIP) of Codajás (a 240 kilometers straight from the capital), met on Saturday morning (20) warrant of remand for armed robbery on behalf of Erinilson Ferreira da Silva, 24, known as "Nilsinho", involved in the robbery of the British sportsman Emma Kelty. The offender was arrested on Friday morning (19) the Amazon Military Police (PMAM) on suspicion of drug trafficking.

The British Emma Kelty was killed on 13 September 2017, the island of Boeiro, Community Lauro Sodre, in Coari (a 363 kilometers from Manaus). The victim had 43 years. According to the delegate José Afonso Barradas, holder of Police Interactive Police (DIP) Coari, who is in charge of the investigation surrounding the case, "Nilsinho" was intercepted by the military police on public roads and, as soon as it found that it is one of those involved in crime, It was taken to the 78th DIP, where appropriate procedures were performed.

The accused was approached in Codajás the 3rd Sergeant Francisco Claudio Savoy, I was off and paced the edge of town when identified “Nilsinho” in suspicious attitude. The sergeant made the approach and requested support trim made by the aspirant Diego Alves Piccolotto and the soldier Anízio Vieira.

“We had information that the city had come some people bringing drugs Tefé. The Savoy sergeant realized that the boy was nervous. He was approached and showed be apprehensive, He was then taken to the DIP. During the approach, he threw something on the floor. But we found nothing. The initial suspicion was involved in trafficking. He was led to the police station and soon received information that he was one of suspected of involvement in the British armed robbery”, explained the aspiring Piccolotto.

According to the delegate Barradas, investigations into the British death count on the support of crowded civilian police in the Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs), based in Manaus. "The preventive arrest warrant in the name of Erinilson was issued on 29 September 2017, by Judge Fabio Lopes Alfaia, of Coari District. The Community Lauro Sodre is two hours, in waterways, the center of Coari. Every time we move to place the offender could undertake escape before the police arrived. The young man is also involved in drug trafficking in Codajás ", he explained.

A police officer reported that Erinilson is known to resell coming objects of criminal actions, practiced with other cronies, drug users. Violators were called "water rats" and committing crimes at opportune moments. The group had been operating in the cities of Coari and Codajás, stealing goods, committing murder and selling drugs. In the case of British, the seven offenders who participated in the robbery concealed belongings of lesser value and sold other items, as cell, drone and a GoPro camera, owned by the victim.

Erinilson was indicted for robbery, fencing, concealment of a corpse and criminal association. At the end of the 78th procedures applicable DIP Codajás, it will be forwarded to the Prison Unit Coari (UPC), which will be available to the Justice. The brother of Erenilson, identified as erimar Ferreira da Silva, 27, known as "Chico", also involved in armed robbery, He had the preventive detention and is being sought by police.

Understand the case
no day 13 September 2017, por volta the 22h, Command of the 9th Naval District (Com9ºDN) was informed that the emergency locator British Emma Kelty, who would be performing sports canoeing on the Rio Solimões, He had been fired. On Thursday morning, day 14, the Navy of Brazil began the search to try to locate the British. Already on Friday afternoon, day 15, some objects of Emma Kelty, as clothing, shoes and kayaking were found in the Community Lauro Sodre.

not Sunday, day 17, the Navy of Brazil sent the objects to the 6th District Integrated Police (DIP), where it was held the Auto Display materials. In DIP Coari were initiated police inquiry (IP), No. 44/2017, to investigate the case. The Civil Police of Amazonas, so it was triggered by the Navy of Brazil, You sent a team, composed of seven researchers crowded in the Police Department of the Interior (DPI), four researchers working in Specialized Police Homicide and Kidnapping (Dehs) and two clerks of the institution, the municipality of Codajás to assist in investigations around the case.

A teenager 17 years was seized and three other elements, identified as Jardel Pinheiro Gomes, 19, or "Kael"; Erinei Ferreira da Silva, 28, called "pin", and Arthur Gomes da Silva, It is known as "Bera" were arrested for involvement in the crime. Evanilson Gomes da Costa, called "Baia", also involved in the British armed robbery, was a victim of homicide occurred in the early hours of the day 20 September 2017, in Coari. He had 24 years.

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