TEC maintains fine 23 million the mayor of Parintins

Through statement embargo, entered at the last year, o gestor tentava reformular o acórdão do colegiado.
30/01/2018 15h05 - Updated 31/01/2018 15h24
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The Amazon Court of Auditors (TCE-AM) It decided to keep the disapproval of the mayor of Parintins accounts, Frank Garcia da Cunha, for the financial year 2012, in session Tuesday (30). Through statement embargo, entered at the last year, the manager - who was sentenced to return R $ 23 million to the public coffers - tried to reshape the judgment of the collegiate, pointing rapporteur vote of contradictions, adviser Eric Exile, but had rejected the appeal unanimously.

Among the alleged errors identified in the embargo by the mayor are the reasons for omission of various items, which resulted in the levying of fines, besides no justification, by the rapporteur, of the absence of invoices in the process resulted in an act of illegitimate management, and other questions. By denying the declaratory embargo, the rapporteur of the case made it clear that the decisions were based on reasons and demonstrations of the technical bodies and the Court of prosecutors, which rules out any possibility of contradiction.

Appreciated during the 28th session, held on 2 August 2017, Accounts Making the former mayor presented irregularities problems as the lack of evidence of expenditure with 47 Parintins Festival, in the amount of R $ 900 one thousand; absence of bids for the purchase of material for dental procedure and uniform community agents; the lack of justification for the difference of more than R $ 948 thousand in expenses with the Fund for Maintenance and Development of Basic Education (Fundeb), among others.

The Accounts making is carried out by the Court when the public manager has not voluntarily accountability.

Regular with caveats
The accounts for the year 2014 Civil Defense Actions Subcommand (SubComadec), the responsibility of the Executive Secretary at the time of the organ, Roberto da Silva Rocha Guimarães, They were considered regular with caveats, with fine of R $ 4,4 thousand to the manager because of improprieties as presentation of certificates with expired validity of air taxi companies hiring services, navigation and construction.

In addition to the fine, the rapporteur of the case, Councilor Julius Cabral, It recommended to the agency that observe and comply with what the law says no 8.666/1993, and to transmit the next rendering of accounts reports and bank statements accompanied by the respective bank reconciliations, including accounts that do not have balance.

They were appreciated, still, six other processes during the session, including two requests for clarification; taking a special agreement accounts; two representations and refuse reconsideration.

Sessions are held weekly in the plenary in the TEC, located on the 2nd floor of the annex building (building of offices of directors). The next session will be held on 30 from January (Tuesday), at 10 am.

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